5 Tutorials on How you can use Notion as your Second Brain

TutorialSeptember 1, 2021
You can also use @NotionHQ as your second brain because it has a superb way of organizing your note-taking , journaling or even just organising your days.
Check out these handpicked tutorials on how you can use Notion as Second Brain !
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  1. Ali Abdaal - @AliAbdaal In this video he goes over the 10 principles of Building a Second Brain, a productivity system which changed his life completely.
  1. Elizibeth Filips - @lizfilips "Notetaking has honestly been such a lifechanging thing for me. I feel so safe in knowing I have endless amounts of information out there for myself, that I've seen, understood, processed."
  1. Tiago Forte - @fortelabs
    1. Featuring Tiago Forte and Lauren Valdez of Forte Labs, speaking on how they think about and use the Notion productivity software in their work.
  1. Serj Hunt - @Serjhunt_ARK
    1. "In this video, I'll walk you through my Free Notion Second Brain Template and show you how you can organize your ideas, learning, and creative output by using Notion."
  1. Red Gregory - @RedGregory1
    1. The second brain system she built in Notion helps to organize and collect information, conduct efficient task management, and allow the user to share knowledge accumulated.
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