6 Notion Templates to help you Get Things Done

TemplateAugust 28, 2021
Getting Things Done(GTD) is method to capture, triage and organize the various tasks activities in your life. Here are the @NotionHQ templates that will help you to GTD !
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  1. [PAID] The Tasks Hub is a robust and integrated system for scheduling and tracking your tasks, to-do's and habits. Check this one out and get going - by @DavidKiriakidis
  1. [FREE] The 6 Horizons of focus helps to ensure that all of your actions are the right ones you should be doing. This template will help keeping your dreams aligned with what you do today - by @skybluejenny_
  1. [FREE] The name says it all 👇 Best GTD Notion template 2021 by Kely Kachimareck
  1. [FREE] Personal Organization template! It is always helpful to centralise and organise aspects of both personal life and work in one place. This takes away the stress of being overwhelmed with keeping track of where to-do lists, notes, and links etc
  1. [FREE] Eisenhower Matrix for Notion! The Eisenhower Matrix helps you visualize all your tasks in a matrix of urgent/important.
  1. [FREE] Zen to Done - This template combines the essentials of getting things done with the simplicity of zen to done and is something I personally use daily and weekly to maintain my ZTD system.
If you think we missed some templates, let us know.
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