Gamification in Notion

TemplateSeptember 21, 2021
Gamification is a wonderful idea to help individuals be more motivated in being productive and completing tasks at work and even in private life. These templates will help you 'Gamify' your life and you may never be bored again!
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  1. You can complete to-dos and daily habits to earn coins (and achievements) that you exchange for rewards! Get this one now!
  1. Turn your life into an RPG with this template!
  1. The Gamification Project is a template that increases productivity by building gamification into your everyday life:
  1. Make the mundane fun by turning life into a game! Incentivize those otherwise unrewarding things that need to get done
On the other hand, lets also not forget that people have literally created games in Notion
  1. Ben who has created an amazing collection of games in Notion
  1. And Red Gregory who is creating another game in Notion
Do you know anyone else who has created a game in Notion?