Notion tips and tutorials for creating your dashboard

TutorialSeptember 19, 2021
Here is a list of Notion tips and tutorials for all of you planning to create your own dashboard in Notion. This list has something for everyone: beginner, students, fitness enthusiasts, foodies, productive people.
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  1. Keep Productive: The Beginner's Guide to Notion
  1. Rad Reads: The only Notion Tutorial you will ever use
  1. Red Gregory Display your class schedule with this sleek Notion template. Included is a non-database class schedule and to-do list design.
  1. Notion for education
  1. TechApp :Make the most of Notion while studying!
  1. Revising Rubies
  1. Marie Poulin : Meal Planning in Notion
  1. A. Kroner: Meal planning on a notion template !
  1. Notion official shares a way for meal planning on Notion!
  1. Ultimate Notion Workout system: A Notion system and template for planning and keeping track of workout programs and sessions, this product acts as a hub for any fitness journey, where consistency is pivotal in order for success to manifest itself organically.
  1. Red Gregory: Track fitness in Notion with this easy exercise database log that connects to a list of exercises and descriptions.
  1. Sam Thomas Davies: My Notion Note-Taking System (Or How I Read Online)
  1. Thomas Frank: How I use Notion to take notes
  1. Work brighter: how I use a daily log template in my Notion bullet journal to create a consistent journaling habit.
  1. Tom Litter/ The Most Effective Daily Journal Using Notion
  1. Harshi Bar: How I use Notion for productivity
  1. Jeff Su: Top 14 tips for Productivity in 2021
  1. Notion Pages: Boost your productivity with Notion