Top 5 book Reading Templates in Notion

TemplateSeptember 8, 2021
Get a detailed understanding of your reading with these templates. Track and organise your books now !
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  1. [FREE] RedGregory's version on a Reading Log integrated with a bookshelf along with a progress bar! Get this one to have a simple aesthetic on your reading journal!
  1. [FREE] If love to read see what this reading tracker can do for you! It includes a section for the book title, author, whether the author was male/female/other! Happy Reading :
  1. [PAID] Zoe Chew - Ultimate Tracker Suite that includes a book Reading Tracker. Keep track of your booklist & reading notes in 1 place. Create your "digital library" in Notion using this book tracker template:
  1. [FREE] Notion reading tracker helps you count pages , set up the books you want to read and have a weekly reading plan of your own ! If you're a bookwork, this one is for you. But if you're not, get this one to become one !
  1. [FREE] Plan, collaborate and get organized with your reading. This Bookshelf template is all you need!