Top 6 Notion Journal Template

TemplateSeptember 11, 2021
A daily journal can help you organize your thoughts, reflect on your days, and change your mindset for the better. It is so much more easier to keep your Journals in Notion.
We understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all template that will cut it however, that is the beauty of Notion. You can customise the templates below or create your own. There is also a Notion's default template to get started with.
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  1. Minimal Notion Daily Journal Template A complete journaling experience with all the features you need.
  1. Happiness Bar Gratitude Journal A journal with a difference where you control the prompts for each day, week, month & quarter
  1. All-in-One Personal HQ v2 This all-on-one template includes nearly ALL of the pages, databases + dashboards I use in my workspace with relational databases already connected, and is somewhat geared toward a personal/entrepreneurial setup.
  1. Comprehensive Notion Kaizen Journal Template (Complete Version) Kaizen philosophy is a philosophy popularized by Toyota that is essentially about shifting one's focus to long-term improvement rather than getting caught up in momentary success or setbacks. It is based on the belief that continuous, incremental improvement adds up to substantial change over time.
  1. Bullet Journal Template We all love bullet Journal because they say that you should always start with something like pen and paper as your Todo to establish the discipline and once that's done you can move to advance systems like todo manager apps. But what if we can combine two things you love to make an unbeatable system that has the goodness of both. So prototion brings you Real Bullet Journal, Notion 🗃️ + Bullet Journal 📕. The goodness of both the system in one.
  1. A template that allows you to record my gratitude for the day so that you can reflect on these things at the end of the year or for those difficult days when you are feeling down.