Top tools for Advanced Notioneers

ResourceSeptember 22, 2021
If you have been following my journey, you should be an advanced Notioneer by now. Here are some tools to move to the big leagues
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  1. WidgetBox: Customizable Widgets for your Notion Pages
  1. Tally: The simplest way to create forms
  1. Notionlytics: Find out who visits your Notion page
  1. Notion Draw: Low tech, down-and-dirty sketch pad for creatives. Inspired by whiteboards, sharpies, and, of course, Notion.
  1. Wunderpresentation: Create and run interactive presentation slides in no time
  1. Notion PDF Export: A tool to allow batch PDF export for free Notion users. You can export as HTML with subpages and then use this tool to convert those into PDFs.
  1. Vizydrops: Supercharge Notion page with embedded charts and tables created from your CSV files, JSON links, custom sources, Google Sheets, Trello, GitHub and other apps with simple steps.
  1. Joonbot: Chatbot in Notion