Top Youtube Videos for Notion Content Creators

ResourceSeptember 7, 2021
Content Creators can be a bit of a task when one does not know how to optimize their time and energy and put out the right content at the right time. These are our handpicked videos that will help you organise your content and help you make a content calendar of your very own !
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  1. Celine Linesse: How I use notion as a Content Creator in 2020 to stay consistent & productive on Social Media (Youtube, Instagram, Websites, Blogs, Pinterest) and beyond (business, entrepreneurship, freelancing)! This app is the ultimate tool for planning, creating, scheduling & analysing ALL your content in one place to never miss an upload again!
  1. Ali Abdaal: You should check him out if you haven't already. His Notion Setup and how ridiculously productive he is really have inspired me in this new season. His creative workflow in Notion for Content Creator is truly a game-changer. You should give Notion a try if you're thinking of doing video production, and a content calendar.
  1. Local Creative: If you're posting content to multiple platforms, it can be tricky to stay organized and create a cohesive content strategy. That's why I use Notion to brainstorm, plan, and create all my content across my social media channels.
  1. Maurie Paulin: Life, business, and workflow design. I help ambitious business owners design their life and business systems, so they can make space for growth. Notion is one of my favourite tools for making your goals visible and taking action on your ideas, and I love showing folks how to use it to Supercharge their productivity. Below is one such instance where she is using Notion for meal planning.
  1. Plan For Productivity:- Short videos where we dive deeper into the world of productivity, time management, self development, bullet journal tutorials and more! Check out how she plans her meal
  1. Niklas Christi: As a content creator it is an essential part to plan and organise all your video projects. How do I note my ideas? How do I organise my projects? How do I write a script? How do I plan a shot list? In this video I answer all of these questions by sharing my creative workflow within a productivity app called "Notion". This workflow really helped me boost my productivity and the storytelling of my videos. If you ever wondered what kind of work goes into my Youtube videos or you are struggling to implement a structure into your own ones, this video is for you!
  1. August Bradley: Notion Content Creation Pipeline with Dashboard + Database