Ultimate list of Notion widgets and places to find more

ResourceSeptember 18, 2021
Widgets let you overcome missing functionalities in Notion without having to switch to an external tool. These widgets are handpicked by us for you to organise your workspace on Notion!
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  1. Countdown Widget: Anticipate important events!
  1. Clock widget: Visualise and keep track of time:
  1. Google Calendar: The Google calendar app now on your Notion!
  1. Linkedin Badge: Add your Linkedin CV to your Notion!
  1. Pomofocus: An online Pomodoro Timer to boost your productivity
  1. Save to Notion: You can use this extension to quickly bookmark articles, but also for saving other kind of data like emails, jobs, cooking recipes, books, movies
  1. A chromium extension with a better editor for Math Blocks in Notion, storing notion codes and easily import stored codes into other (useful to create frequently used templates).
  1. Simple Whiteboard for collaborative drawings.
  1. Link Copy : Make a simple copy to clipboard form with a button.
  1. Slid : Capture knowledge from online videos. Take notes with captures from videos.
  1. Weather Widget : a free, customizable, responsive weather widget that will always match your notion page
  1. Spotify: Now have your favorite playlists and music on Notion!
And here are the places where you can find more of these widgets
  1. Indify
  1. Apption
  1. Kairo
  1. NuttysCollection